Styl Pałacowy


Styl Pałacowy

Styl Pałacowy – wytworny i okazały.

Tylko dla prawdziwego indywidualisty.

Duże gabaryty podkreślające klasykę w najczystszej formie.

Połączenie opaski stylizującej tak z panelem jak i ze szkłem zespolonym – pozwalają uzyskać pogłębienie efektu bazy.

Idealnie wykończenie i spasowanie gwarantuje poczucie jedności formy.

Kontrowersyjny, ale przepiękny.

The work

Our clients, this young couple, they did embrace some bold proposals from our side and we were talking all the details through each day, while meeting on site every day. This was a crucial part of our process, because we wanted to just make sure that our designs for lighting, bathrooms and a steam room, were properly done. The interior is characterized by some really unorthodox architectural features, advanced lighting and a broad use of different color schemes, resulting in a humongous home suited to a growing family.

The result

Just as told by the clients themselves, you can easily see how successful have all project been from start to finish:

‘We instructed the Bailey’s designers to recommend and implement interior design solutions and liaise with the subcontractors on site. They were happy to work in sync with everyone there, were often preventing problems instead of post-fixing them and were always finding solutions without needing to involve us.

My wife and I were both truly satisfied with the finished look and feel of the design and we really found the whole process extremely cool. It would have been quite hard to achieve without them.